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Free your business from legacy payments, with one simple solution. 

We built inbanx for businesses who want to seize opportunities, not be hindered by old payment technology.

"The story of inbanx stems from real business problems. As business owners and leaders ourselves, we needed a modernized payment experience to remain competitive. When we could not find a modern solution, we decided to create it."

We struggled with 
common challenges...

  • Cumbersome Excel spreadsheets

  • Labor-intensive processes

  • Lack of visibility and control over spending

  • Confronting theft prevention and security

  • Multiple expensive technologies

  • Using historical spending to predict future spending

Now there’s a better way. With one simple & elegant solution

  • Generate income from your payables

  • Automate payment processes and reconciliation into accounting software

  • Optimize payables for maximum efficiency

  • One platform to handle all payment modes

"Our focus is to automate and monetize business spending so businesses can focus on what matters."

Rob Kaczmarek

CEO + Founder - inbanx

It's simple.

It's smart.

It's elegant.

We save business leaders time

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