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We built inbanx with an open community support framework allowing businesses to give back to the community that is local to them.

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With our modern solution built around values, your organization can start to collect donations from businesses that are operating in your community. Whether you are a non-profit, church, or university, we can help your organization be successful in its impact.

Together, we can create 
healthy communities...

  • One elegant platform that makes it easy to honor community causes

  • Support for round-up and social giving programs

  • Building a community to support the community

  • Empowerment for business-led social responsibility

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  • Promote transparency to make reporting easier.

  • Connect your organization to businesses that care.

  • Free-to-use platform that never requires per-user fees.

"Supporting community is of the utmost importance, but of equal importance is providing tools that allow those community organizations to operate more efficiently."

Rob Kaczmarek

CEO + Founder - inbanx

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Bring together community and culture.

We connect community causes with businesses in one simple framework that creates a healthy ecosystem. And we have made it free!

By engaging with us, we are able to connect your organization with everything you need for your successful future.

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We believe that onboarding a solution should be painless right from the start. Our concierge service simplifies the whole process. We will ready your payables for you, so you can enjoy the benefits of inbanx in no time.

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