Finally, freedom from legacy payments.

Automate and monetize your payables with inbanx, the modern payment platform.

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Whether you are a bank, a business, or a non-profit organization, let our team boost your payment efficiency. In one complete solution.

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Are you ready to modernize?

We want to work with businesses that believe there is a better way.

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A better way to manage payments.

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A faster way to execute payments.

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A path way to monetize payments.

Inbanx for businesses.

Businesses we want to work with.

Businesses that are tired of old, inefficient processes.

Organizations that want to reduce the roadblocks to growth.

Leaders looking to monetize payables to maximize their strategic advantage.

Teams who want one simple solution, not disconnected puzzle pieces.

The platform is inbanx, whether you pay with checks, credit cards, or digital payments.

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For Business

We have removed the burden of reconciliation and modernized the payables experience for business. Now businesses can convert checks to digital payments and generate revenue from their payables.

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For Community

We empower teams, partners, and clients to support causes they care about. It’s more than just payments. It’s about building healthy relationships with our communities, together.

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For Banks

We are a different kind of company – the evolution of FinTech. By solving businesses’ problems with elegant technology, we enable banks to provide real solutions to their business clients.

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Simplicity & Elegance Driven by Values

We built our company around our values. We collaborate with our banking partners and focus on serving the needs of businesses with one simple, elegant solution. It’s a solution unlike anything else. 

The solution that we want to use. (And we do.)

We directly integrate to over 100 accounting and ERP systems, making reconciliation easy.

Let’s talk to explore what inbanx can do to put you on the timeline for success.

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